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Knowledge, experience and the application of leading edge technologies to the young people of Tawa.

Our young people (from Year 1 to Year 13) are going into a work environment that will require knowledge of the many technology developments now appearing. That’s whether their career aspirations are for the trades sector, the services sector, the creative sector or the professional sector.

Every sector you can think of is going to be impacted. Therefore the Trust has been established to do everything we reasonably can to make sure the young people of Tawa are prepared for that work environment.

The origins of the Trust

The catalyst for the Trust was the placement of a 3D printer in Linden school. The excited reaction of the children to this technology and the new learning it opened up led to a 3D printer also being placed in Tawa Intermediate school so that the skills the Linden school children learned would not be lost as they moved on to Tawa Intermediate.

 During the latter half of 2017, the Trust has placed  3D printers in each of the other 5 primary schools in Tawa and the College.

What does the future look like?    

The Trust is now in a position to build on this technology platform so technologies to be introduced starting in 2018 include:




Artificial Intelligence

Virtual reality

Artificial reality

Cognitive technologies

The Trustees recognise the need to ensure our young people also develop as citizens in our community and so topics such as cyberbullying and digital citizenship are also being introduced.



Sir Richard Taylor's endorsement for the Tawa Technology Education Trust

2012 New Zealander of the Year, Oscar winner and co-owner of Wellington’s special effects company Weta Workshop, endorses the Tawa Technology Education Trust.

Richard is a proud Wellingtonian and passionate supporter of creativity and the innovation economy in Wellington, and New Zealand. His contribution to the development of the film and digital sector in the region is unsurpassed and he recognises the important role the next generation of creative young minds will have in shaping the future.

Richard has spoken at Tawa Intermediate and Linden Schools where he presented a new 3D printer to each.

The Tawa Technology Education Trust thanks Richard for his support and endorsement.



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